Samuel Chi-Hung Yiu, M.D., M.S., Ph.D.

I'm not only a doctor, I am a patient that recommends the MiBoFlo.
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology | Johns Hopkins Medicine

John D. Sheppard MD, MMSC

We are enjoying the growth in our MGD practice, including spontaneous statements of patient satisfaction with the MiBoFlo device.
Virginia Eye Consultants

Dalel Tartak, MD

My cornea refractive surgery results have improved to even better quality of vision outcomes after treating my patients with MiBoFlo. I also treat all my multifocal lens replacement cataract patients with MiBoFlo and the positive photopsias have virtually disappeared. If you don't use MiBoFlo to treat dry eye syndrome and tear film disturbances, then you are not treating dry eye!
Thank you for this revolutionary products that is a step forward in our ability to treat dry eye.
Hyperspeed Lasik center of Excellence

Martha D. | Dry Eye Patient

After having my first treatment, my eyes felt like they had been on vacation!!

Nancy | Dry Eye Patient

It's wonderful, it's warm, it's comforting. It really has helped. I like having it done.

Thomas P. Kislan, OD

The MiBoFlo provides almost immediate improvement to my meibomian gland disease and lipid deficient dry eye patients. I feel this is going to be a groundbreaking adjunct treatment option especially when combined with traditional treatments. It appears to be safe and effective for any patient.
I have been using the MiBoFlo on my lipid deficient dry eye patients for the last 6 months. It's easy for staff to perform, economical and a great practice builder. I have been seeing consistent improvements in osmolarity, OSDI, TBUT and meibum quality. It's a must have treatment fo lipid deficient dry eye.

Barry R. Fabriziani, OD, FAAO

As far as safety goes, I'm very confident in the safety of it. It's a very calibrated machine that only delivers 108 degrees. The actual probing of the gland with the heat, really makes the MiBo special. I can control how much pressure and milk those glands with controlled heat. You can't do that with warm compresses.

Michelle | Dry Eye Patient & Technician

I have been performing MIBO treatments on patients with dry eye for quite some time now. Patients feel the procedure is soothing, very comfortable and feel they get relief right away as soon as the treatment is complete. We recommend patients have a series of three treatments to help improve gland function and additional treatments as needed. No two patients have exactly the same severity of dryness, so treatments will vary. The cost of MIBO treatments is reasonable and affordable for most dry eye patients.
I suffer from time to time with dryness. Most of the time, I am able to maintain it with drops and warm compresses. Recently, however, my eyes became very red, dry and lids were swollen. So, I decided to have the MIBO treatment myself. As all of my patients have said, I felt relief immediately. The procedure was very comforting. I felt like I was at the spa having a treatment. I recommend this procedure to anyone suffering from Dry Eye.

Harvey Fisherman M.D, PhD

My early results are very encouraging that the MiBoFlo will be a powerful device to treat meibomian gland dysfunction.

James S. Lewis, MD

My patients are seeing results after the first treatment and they're happy to schedule their next appointment.
I need an affordable, comfortable and effective solution for patients who just could not pay $1500 for LipiFlow. I want a device I could use on a recurring basis, because dry eye is a chronic disease. MiBo has no click fees and it's well-received by patients and staff. I bought a second unit even thought it's portable. MiBo was a great investment for my practice.

Cheryl | Dry Eye patient from Indiana

My eyes were so dry that I haven't been able to wear my contacts longer than 4 hours a day. After my first treatment my eyes feel moist and I have been able to wear my contacts for a full day.

Shauna | Dry Eye patient from Texas

After one treatment with the MiBoFlo I found it very relaxing. I had less of the gritty & matting plus I used less drops and hot packs. After the third treatment I no longer use hot packets and drops only in the wind.

Anar Maurya, OD

MiBo Thermoflo has been a great addition to our dry eye clinic. Patients walk away with immediate relief following treatment and enjoy the soothing, spa-like experience that MiBo provides.
Wood hams Eye Clinic

Howie | Dry Eye patient from California

I'd like to talk about the new treatment via The MiBo Thermoflo System for dry eye syndrome. I was in a recent trial of this system in the Kiaser System in Woodland Hills California. I found out about the trial at the minute and I'm so very glad I did because it really changed my life.
It's difficult to describe but about a year ago I turned up with a severe case of dry eye. It's like living with sand in your eye. It burns and itches 24/7. Nothing good about it.
After the very first treatment, which is like a gentle massage to the exterior of the eye, I had a level of relief that had me believing my symptoms were gone.
I followed the recommended course of treatments and have had much relief. In doing soem research there are potentially millions of people that have this condition but have not yet been properly diagnosed. I'm sure they could benefit from this therapy. I'm hoping Kaiser chooses to proceed with this new project.
Thankfully, Howie
Kaiser Woodland Hills Medical Center

Monte Harrel, OD F.C.O.V.D.

The LidPro has been a very helpful addition to our Dry Eye Center. It's the perfect compliment to full scope eyelid care, much more effective than manual cleaning for blepharitis.
Harrel Eyecare

Thomas P. Kislan, OD

Why the MiBo Thermoflo is beneficial for your practice.